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About Cesme Turkey

Welcome to a town packed with historical gems a town founded by the Ionians around 1100 BC as part of the 12 cities of the Ionian League. (others are Clazomanae, Phocea, Miletus, Myus, Priene, Ephesus, Colophon, Libidos, Teos, Chios and Samos ). A culture with a history stretching back 3000 years and bearing traces of the Ionians, Lydia, Alexander the Great, the Kingdom of Pergamum, Rome, Arabia, Seljuk and the Ottomans.

Welcome to our 700 year old castle constructed by the Genoese, to our ‘caravanserail’ which was a gift from Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, to the historical stone fountains which are found on nearly every street corner and to our churches of Ayios Haralambos and Ayios Konstantions.

And not forgetting a welcome to Erythrai, the world famous site that dates back all the way to the Bronze Age.

Cesme, at the most westerly tip of Turkey and surrounded on three sides by the Aegean Sea, is a town we think you will like.

The famous historian of ancient time, Herodotus, wrote this of this area centuries ago :

Geographical position:

Situated at the most westerly tip of Turkey, just 80 km from Izmir by highway, Cesme is on a peninsula surrounded on three sides by the sea.

It takes up 260 sqkm of the so-called Cesme Peninsula which stretches westward from Urla. The whole area has great tourism potential with its beaches, pristine sand and thermal springs. As the mountains sweep down to the sea, a natural paradise has been created in Cesme. Sloping fields, rocky hills and, between them, an accessional small flat plain.

Cesme is only eight nautical miles from the Greek island of Chios. The local population, including the including the surrounded villages, is 40,000 however, during the tourism season this number increases to 300,000 with the arrival of second home owners.

The climate in Cesme

Cesme has a typical Mediterranean climate The average annual sea temperature is 18, 5 ‘C and it is possible to swim and do water sports for at least seven months of the year. The endless coves around Cesme provide the perfect opportunity for underwater hunting.

As it is situated on a peninsula and subject to climate changes of the sea, even in winter you can see a sudden turn in the water in Cesme.

The famous breeze of the Aegean, known as the ‘Imbat’ brings pleasant relief from the heat of the summer sun and makes the high temperatures bearable.
Average annual air temperatures





7-9 ‘ C

18-20 ‘ C

30-32 ‘C

24-26 ‘ C
Average annual sea temperatures





11-12 ‘ C

15-17 ‘ C

26-28 ‘C

21-23 ‘ C