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The information given below is correct at time of update 1st Sept 2012
The following information is intended as a guide to help you understand the process of buying a property in Turkey and to give you an indication of the obligations of overseas home ownership.
Once you have decided on which property to purchase; a payment plan will be drawn up at Golden Sun Homes offices, which has been agreed by you & the builder / seller. We will then take you along to the Solicitors office,

**We always advise that clients use a solicitor for their own safety and it may also reduce the overall cost of purchasing a property. Turkish Sun Homes can provide you with an independent reputable solicitor and translator at a very competitive price:

Once the solicitor has been appointed he will check:

  1. The title deed (Tapu)
  2. The seller is the legal owner
  3. The property is debt free
  4. All building permission and licenses
  5. All terms and conditions of sale are acceptable

Once the sale agreement has been drawn up as a legal binding contract and the buyer and seller have agreed and both signed (N.B: The deposit: £1000 Sterling minimum + legal costs will need to be paid at this stage) the title deed will be applied for. The process currently takes in excess of 4 mths this is due to the army search. Should you be refused permission from the army you have the right to transfer the sale over to a nominated third party or have the contract cancelled.

Once the permission is received back from the army, deeds transfer will go ahead. You can either be here to sign yourself or nominate by power of attorney someone to represent you. (the acting solicitor will do this for you).Should you opt for power of attorney the solicitor will ensure that all taxes are paid and the title deed is registered in your name.

Please note: (Deposit and legal costs are non refundable.)

A guide to the Legal Costs involved:

DIDIM –ALTINKUM: Solicitor £350Legal Translator £100

Other Costs: Golden Sun Homes 3% Agency Fees – 0% for our own developments

Buyers tax: Currently 1.65% to 3,3% of the title deed value of property price (normally 1.65% each side, buyer & seller, unless agreed otherwise)

Military clearance fee: Approx £450

Property tax (Council tax): Approximately £15 – £60 per annum depending on type of property and location.

Water & electricity connect: Approx £450

Earthquake Insurance: Depending on property size and location. (required by law)

Property on a complex: There will be an average yearly maintenance charge of £200 – £600 price is subject to what facilities are available & services provided

Please note: Costs in other regions vary