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Purchase Process – Buying a property in Turkey

The following information is intended to help you understand the process of buying a property in Turkey and to give you an indication of the obligations of overseas home ownership.

  • Once you have decided on the property you would like to purchase;
  • A payment plan will be drawn up at the office of Golden Sun Homes and will be given to the client along with receipts for monies paid.
  • The deposit (1000 Sterling) and legal costs will need to be paid at this stage
  • Please note: (Deposit and legal costs are non refundable)
  • We will take you to the solicitors’ office where the sales contract will be drawn up. The solicitor will make sure that the title of the property is checked; that the person who is selling the property actually owns it; whether there are any charges on the property; where applicable that building licences and permissions are in order; and that the terms and conditions stipulated by the seller are checked for fairness. The sale agreement /contract will be translated from Turkish into English by the legal translator. The buyer and seller will sign the sale agreements, and each party will get a copy of the sale agreement in both Turkish and English.
  • If you would like to give the solicitor in Turkey Power of Attorney to sign for the release of your title deeds from the title deeds office once they have been authorised, we can take you to the Notary office to have this done (only during week days). Please note that giving the solicitor Power of Attorney does not give us or the solicitor any claim over your property, it will be your name and picture on the title deeds.
  • The solicitor will then arrange for the paper work to be sent to the title deeds office for the transfer of the title deeds into your name, in order to do this the title deeds office will send your passport copies and title deeds to the Aegean Army Base in Izmir for the military check. This military check is only to determine that the area the property is in, is not within a certain kilometer radius of a Turkish military base (this could take approximately 6 months).
  • The release of the title deeds from the title deeds office is signed in the presence of the notary by the buyer and the seller. You can either attend the signing in person or appoint someone as power of attorney to attend on your behalf (for example the solicitor) – if you do not attend in person we will email / a copy of your title deeds to you for your records, the original will be kept at our office and you can collect it when you next come to Turkey.
  • The solicitor will then arrange for the new title of the property to be registered with the local council office for property tax purposes.